Montréal | November 5-7 | 2021
November 5-7 | 2021

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Campus Party (CP) is the largest innovation and creativity experience in the world. It is the catalyst that brings together courageous businesses, visionary people, close-knit communities, higher education and cutting-edge institutions to make a global community. The point of reference for new generations on issues of the future and the conscious use of technology to change the world.

An event with more than 30 editions in 15 countries (Italy, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Singapore, Spain, Uruguay), more than 3 million participants around the world. 3 days and 2 nights, 24 hours of multidisciplinary activities in which students, communities, geeks, Millennials and Post-Millennials, professionals, skill improvement seekers will meet to build the future together.

Campus Party has enjoyed great success worldwide: 1 Guinness World Record for the largest social hackathon, +700,000 profiles in the Campus Party official community, hundreds of companies, institutions, media, universities, and community partners of the event.

For the first time ever, the 2020 Campus Party went digital and global. Campus Party Digital Edition, the largest event for innovators in history, was simultaneously held on July 9-11 in more than 30 countries around the world. A unique format, live 24 hours a day, for a non-stop 3 days of free live and on-demand conferences, with a global Main Stage featuring over 50 internationally renowned keynote speakers from around the world.

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Numana, Catalyst for Quebec’s technological ecosystems

Campus Party Canada Tech Experience is hosted by Numana. At Numana, we are a catalyst for technological ecosystems. With our partners, we bring together people who innovate in order to create more value, for the technology industry, and for all of Quebec.

Founded in 2007, Numana contributes significantly to economic and social vitality by bringing together stakeholders from the private, institutional and public technology sectors around common goals and joint initiatives. The organisation contributes to the creation of value and promotes innovation by multiplying the bridges between the various actors of the industry in an approach by vertical markets (Quantum, connected health, intelligent and empathetic buildings etc.) and in partnership with industry leaders and clients.

Numana is also an active player in Quebec to prepare the next generation of talents in technology, through its talents industry forums and the Teknotek and Parcours Technos programs.

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